do good, part I

August 7, 2018

For most part of human history, deforestation has occurred primarily for farmers using the land to grow crops for their family and the local community.  However, in the late 20th century this began to change due to industrial activities and large scale agriculture.  By 2000s, 3/4 of the clearing was for cattle ranching.


This shift led to the faster clearing of the forests for pasture, growing soy, drowned for dams, dug up for minerals, building of towns and colonisation projects.  In conjunction the roads built for all the above, led to inaccessible areas becoming accessible for poorer framers settlements, illegal logging and land speculators. 


All the above has left our world in a terrible state.  Most people are starting to understand that the environment is important and should be in the forefront of our minds.  People realise that we must protect our mother earth, and that the forests were here to protect us, and are critical to our survival. The forest is also home to many species we are making extinct from this planet.  We are destroying an intricate eco-system set up to look after us.


There are many things we can all do to help protect the rainforests:

1. Reduce your meat consumption, particularly beef.  Cattle farming is the largest culprit, reduce the demand for it and the supply will be reduced.  This not only helps the forest but gases in the air too.

2. Reduce your oil consumption.  Cycle, walk or use public transport where you can.  If you're buying a vehicle, think about the environmental impact and use it as a selection tool too.

3. Reduce paper and wood consumption.  Buy recycled where you can.  Re-use or restore furniture.

4. Hold businesses accountable.  Try to shop from ethical businesses where you can.

5. Support rainforest initiatives.


Carrying out some of the actions mentioned, you will be helping the AMAZON RAINFOREST.  Please make a pledge to yourself to help in your own way.


Thank you.




Documentary: Before the Flood

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