A Small World!

September 28, 2017

 It was one of those awful days, where everything was going from bad to worse.  Long days and nights working in an exhibition, the joys included working the weekend.  Finally was flying home, and to the comfort of home.  The flight was delayed by 45 minutes, and that was fine.  I took a fruit juice and sat down.  After I finished, it was time to see which gate I had to go to.  That's when I saw the dreaded "CANCELLED".  So, then I had to go to the desk to get it sorted.  All seemed fine until I got to the desk and saw the queue that was wrapping around most of the terminal!  I finally found the end of the queue, and waited, moving something along the lines of 30m in 3 hours!  It was one of those moments I would have cried if I wasn't so exhausted.  About 4 hours into waiting, they called out my destination.  I could get home, but it was via another city.  


It's during times like these you end up talking, OK moaning to your fellow passengers, as they are the only ones who feel your pain.  It's also moments like this you find amazing people.  I ended up talking to a Dr working for Medicins Sans Frontier in Nairobi.  Kenya is close to home for me, so we were chit chatting about various things.  Somehow, I ended up telling her about do good, and if she knew of a small town called Nanyuki.  She had heard of it and had colleagues there.  I asked her if she heard about Club Rafiki (one of our Partners).  She had and her colleagues had told her of the good work they were doing there - building a school, making sure the children received an education, the children having a good meal, employing local teachers and the ripple effect all this had on the local community.  


Club Rafiki is a small charity started by 1 person, with the help of the local communities of Nanyuki and St Albans.  They've achieved major things, all the above, and in addition much much more.  They now have presence in Australia, volunteer and fundraising schemes.  Club Rafiki is doing all this work on its own, no huge charity behind them, and is done alongside with raising a family, having a job, etc.  If you think you're only 1 person and how can you make a difference, realise you can have a huge impact.


If you know of any great stories of any do good Partners, please get in touch.


To catch up with all the direct news from do good partners, you can follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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