Welcome Innerstand to the do good Family!

November 30, 2016


Innerstand are more than a fashion store, they have thought of every tiny detail to make themselves ethical in every sense of the word.  The fashion is new, fresh and simple.  Ensuring that their clothing is made ethically and sustainable was a huge part of developing Innerstand.  They are using clothing that is mainly Organic Cotton, Tencel and Recycled Polyester, made in factories with closed loop garment dying and that run on Sustainable Energy.  Even their models have unique amazing stories that you can read about on their site.


Following the do good model, Innerstand donate 10% of their profits to the Children's Air Ambulance. The story behind this: a number of years ago the co-founder's cousin and her husband were out on their motorbike and collided with a car, throwing her from the back of the bike and damaging her pelvis and spine among other injuries.


The Air Ambulance was called out and she was successfully taken to hospital, and stabilised. She has since had a child and against the odds and this certainly would not have been possible without the Air Ambulance's quick and secure service.


The Children's Air Ambulance, not only are they national, but like Innerstand they are new and they deal with the most vulnerable among us, children.  They visited them, instantly connected with them and their cause.  And because of their size, they can really have an impact and help to save many lives with them.  At the moment they are only able to get to 1 in 3 children that need them, with their customer's help they want to increase that number!


The mission costs £2800 which includes the helicopter taking off, travelling to the team of doctors & surgeons, picking them up and taking them to the child, then transporting the child and the team to the hospital, then returning to base.  You can follow their story on their site.


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