Everyday Acts of Kindness

August 23, 2016

It does amaze me how unfeeling some folks can be on the tube. Too engrossed in their own journey to just look around and see those who are in obvious difficulty around them.


On the way to work this morning, this one middle aged chap was acting a little erratically, making hand gestures, which to anyone who knows anything were actually signing gestures. Then I spotted his hearing aid.

The hand gestures freaked a few of the girls on the tube out, and they physically got up and stepped down the train to avoid the guy. While another person told him to stop doing that and then walked away themselves.

The guy sitting opposite me tried to help him as the hard of hearing man asked for some directions, but the general noise and chaos on the tube just didn't help and the poor man was getting more frustrated. 


Some other folks started to give him looks and I decided enough was enough. Next station I gestured to him to follow me off the tube so we could sit and look at his journey. He wanted to go to the Natural History Museum, and he was a long way away. His first trip into London for about 15 years and he was a little nervous.


Now I don't sign, but he could read my lips and he responded verbally, but to be sure, I wrote down the exact details he needed to get to Gloucester Road station, and then some guidelines on how to get to the museum from there. He was quite thankful and gave me a hug. Now this made me quite late for work, but sometimes, other things are more important... like helping those who need help.


I suggested he go to the Science Museum as well, and maybe, on his next trip, visit the Museum Of London. He was a really lovely man, it turns out his wife is quite ill, and she had always wanted to go to the Natural History Museum, but she was not well enough to make the journey from Yorkshire. He decided to go for her, and he had a video camera all ready, so he could document everything for his wife. I didn't want to pry too much as to her condition, but I do hope she enjoys the footage. I made sure he got to the Piccadilly line ok, and that he was going in the right direction, then resumed my journey back to work.


So, if any of you are at the Natural History Museum today, and you see a chap wearing a checked green and yellow shirt, who is hard of hearing, trying to take a video of his walk round the place, give him a wave, and wish him well for his journey.


And remember, there is always time to ‪#‎LookUp‬

Be kind.....always.



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