Experience of Water Fasting

June 23, 2016

This article is based on my own personal experience and no one else's.   I decided to try it out after going to a seminar on water fasting.  Throughout history, fasting has been conducted for spiritual purposes: the Bible tells us that Jesus and Moses fasted for 40 days.  Gandhi fasted for 21 days to bring awareness to respect and compassion of people of different religions.  I personally fasted for the health and spiritual reasons, but you can fast for any reason you like.  


Please note I am not a medical doctor, and if you wish to experiment please get advice if needed.  Water fasting is not for everyone, and not appropriate at all times.


I fasted once a week for 7 weeks.  The fast was warm water for the full 24 hours.  In terms of what water to drink and what to put in it, people have different opinions.  I opted for plain warm water because I felt it was gentler on my stomach.  


There have been many benefits seen by medical experiments conducted.  The common ailments it can help through reduction is high blood pressure, eczema and acne, plus many others (for more info).  The main aim is to rest your body and detoxify it.  In today's world we tend to eat more processed food and generally intake more than we need.


The day of the fast can be tough, particularly if you're just fasting for 1 day a week, because your body is not used to fasting.  There were certain times of the days where my stomach was rumbling, but I drank water when that started happening, and it would settle the body down.  I also found keeping busy helped - keeping my mind occupied and in terms of exercise, walking or light yoga are both good.  Do not do physical exertion, such as running.


The next day I always felt better for it.  My body and my mind felt good.  I felt a lot lighter and more energetic.  In fact my body had got used to not eating and therefore if I was fasting for more than 1 day in a row, the second day would have been a lot easier.  The day after I would eat very simple light food, such as soup and the good feeling would last for the next 2 days.


So, the 7 weeks are up, and I have stopped doing the fast on a regular basis, however, I feel like I will continue to water fast every now and again.


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