YOU are an inspiration!

March 22, 2016

We all go through life, highs and lows. But sometimes we are made to stop and realise we make a difference. At the beginning of the year I met someone whom I wanted to talk to about becoming a partner with do good. When we met they were not really set up as a business. A few months later they are.  They told me it was after we met, it inspired them.  I look forward to the day they become a do good partner, but more importantly I want them to succeed.


Trying to set up do good is a rollercoaster, as anyone who has tried to set up their own will testify. Some days can be tough. I mean really tough. But when you hear that you've made a positive impact, those days are so rewarding.


If anyone has motivated or helped inspire you in some way, please let them know. It's an amazing thing to hear, and you never know how much they may need to hear it.


"Oh how contradictory this delicate tapestry we call life. 

One can be in the deepest darkest abyss, yet is a beacon of light to another."




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