Club Rafiki

We are a small charity dedicated to supporting educational needs of disadvantaged children at Nanyuki Preparatory School in Kenya.


Our vision is for all the children to receive schooling to increase their prospects for a good job and a better future.


100% of our profits go to Nanyuki Preparatory School.  Please see our site for all the projects you can help with.

Healing Boxes

We offer delightful, practical and ethically filled gift boxes for people dealing with illness or tough times.  Our boxes, designed to comfort, uplift and provide support, are chocked full of thoughtfully chosen, beautiful, yet pragmatic items.


For reading.  Eating.  Doing.  Feeling. For healing.


5%-10% (dependent upon the box) of our profits in the form of healing boxes go to St David's Hospice Care.  Please see our site for all the projects you can help with.


Innerstand was born from the idea that clothing should be fair to all with messages that make you think! There is far too much "fashion" which is outrageous for the sake of it. Or brands that exist just to boost people's ego. We wanted to create a brand that people can really get behind and become a part of. We will not stop at just clothing to make a difference in the world, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring huge value to your everyday life!


10% of our profits are donated to The Children's Air Ambulance.  Please see our site for all the projects you can help with.


Driving social & environmental change.  Society&Co provides education to at risk Australian children through a scholarship, hospitality training and work for asylum seekers/refugees, mental health awareness and education programmes, and creates re-useable bags, all funded by fashion apparel.

The customer can decide which cause they would like the profits of their purchase to help.

100% of profits from Society&Co Apparel goes to the good causes.  For more information, please visit

The Finch Foundation

The Finch Foundation is driven by impact not profits. We believe that the current movement around speaking out when you are not OK is fantastic, but there is so much more that can be done to help people on their journeys through life. Giving people the support they need, when they need it. 

100% of profits from The Finch Foundation go to producing more books for hospitals, clinics, etc.  For more information, please visit

Washu Chocolate

This product is high quality "Cacao Arriba" harvested by the families of Tesoro Escondido, in the Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador.

By consuming it, you are contributing to the protection of one of the worldʾs most thereatened species, the Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkey, and its habitat, the Chocó.  At present the 20% of the profits help the field trips for the undergrad thesis of Esteban Rivera, a biology student from Universidad Central in Quito, together with Proyecto Washu he is doing a research in the "Study and genetic diversity of Ateles fusciceps fusciceps in two different populations in northwestern Ecuador" and 35% of profits is to economically help the Proyecto Washu team.  


Washu Chocolate is sold in stores in Quito and Baños, Ecuador; in artisanal and organic markets and to direct buyers in particular universities in Quito and around Ecuador.  It is also sold at  BIOPARC de Doué la Fontaine in France.  If you would like to purchase any chocolate, please message Washu Chocolate directly through their Facebook page.

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